Weisfeld, Lewis B.

Consulting Chemist: Certificate # 575

B.A. (Honors) 1952
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, US
Organic Chemistry
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, US
Physical-Organic Chemistry
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, US

EXPERIENCE: Independent consultant since 1979.
Previous industrial experience includes:
Container Corporation of America

(general manager of R&D; blow- and
rotational-molding of industrial
polyethylene containers, drums);
Cincinnati Milacron Inc.

(corporate director of Applied Sciences R&D;
plastics additives, copper-clad laminates
for printed circuit boards, grinding wheels
and cutting fluids, plastics rheology);
Cincinnati Milacron Chemicals Inc.

(vice president & scientific director; plastics additives
 and specialty chemicals);
Advance Division, Cincinnati Milacron
Chemicals Inc.

(director of laboratories and scientific director;
plastic additives, paint/coatings additives,
vinyl stabilizers, organotins);
Naugatuck Chemical Division, U.S. Rubber Co.

(senior research scientist; ABS plastics, polyurethanes);
Silicone Products Division, General Electric Co.

(research engineer; silicone resins and elastomers).

Over 40 scientific and technical publications in
physical- organic chemistry, isocyanates and
polyurethanes, PVC stabilization and degradation,
organometallic compounds, health, safety
and toxicological aspects of plastics additives.
17 U.S. patents on thermal stabilizers for
PVC, urethane catalysts, biocides and
light stabilizers.

American Chemical Society,
Society of Plastics Engineers (Fellow),
New York Academy of Sciences,
American Society for Testing & Materials,
Sigma Xi,
Forensic Professionals' Society.
Certified Professional Chemist (National Certification Commission).
Listed in
"American Men & Women of Science"
"Who's Who in the East"

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