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2011 Polyethylene Journal Articles Archives


June 2012

Preparation, mechanical properties and biocompatibility of graphene oxide/ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene composites
European Polymer Journal 48  #6 (2011)

Structure formation of random isotactic copolymers of propylene and 1-hexene or 1-octene at rapid cooling
European Polymer Journal 48  #6 (2011)

Memory effect of the molecular topology of lamellar polyethylene on the strain-induced fibrillar structure
European Polymer Journal 48  #6 (2011)


May 2012

A comparative study on the effects of Coriolus versicolor on properties of HDPE/wood flour/paper sludge composites
Composites Part B: Engineering 43  #5 (2012)



Rheologic studies on chemical cross-linking kinetics for LDPE
Chinese Journal of Polymer Science 30, #3 (2012)


Week 03 1/6 through 1/20

Flow accelerates adhesion between functional polyethylene and polyurethane
(pages 34963506)
 AIChE Journal 58 #12 (2012)


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