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Comments about Personal Alerts


Comments about Personal Alerts

I am having difficulty in getting Personal Alerts Messages out as often as I wish.  I want to try a system that is not so dependent on emails.  Each day I review and select polymer related US Patents and Journal Articles.  As I find items, I abstract them for the SPE Encyclopedia and a Foam book in progress.  I have been waiting until a week's selections have been made and select the items for Personal Alerts.  I am going to change that and select the items for Personal Alert immediately.  I will put them on pages listed below.  Now anytime yow wish can go to this website and review the latest findings.  Once a month I will send the latest month's findings.  This should make things more current and, hopefully, more useful.

Bookmark your page and a click or so will take you to the page and you can even check several times a day if you like.  If you go to the website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Personal Alerts.  The click on the Page of most interest.

You have paid for this service and it is not intended to share this with anyone else.  My experience has been that most people are not very adventuresome when it comes to the website.  We do get 400 to 600 visitors a day but my numbers indicate hardly anyone goes much further than the home page. 

Fellow subscribers will have access to your page but no one knows who the other subscribers are.  I doubt if anyone else except you and myself will open up your particular page.  The page counters will tell the story.  If we start getting too many visitors to your page, we can go to the next level of security.

For those of you who get US Patent Applications and World Patents, I will do those searches weekly and list them on the pages as well.

I hope you will like this service.  If this works well, perhaps I can drop the emails.  Try this and let me know if it works for you.



Roger D. Corneliussen
Maro Publications
327 Huffman Drive
Exton, PA 19341
Telephone: 610 883 0055
Fax: 610 363 9921


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