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US patents selected from 2782 patents published 11/22/2005
In Progress
Tuesday, 11/22/2005 Maro Patent Alerts

100.  6,966,969
Rotary sonotrode allowing continuous welding over a large width

099.  6,966,968
Process and apparatus for joining polymer materials at a high welding speed

098.  6,966,965
Metal material adhesion method

097.  6,966,963
Method of applying a covering for boards

096.  6,966,962
Dry paint transfer-lamination process for making high DOI automotive body panels

095.  6,966,961
Splicing device for splicing two web materials together, unwinder comprising said splicing device and relative method

094.  6,966,960
Fusible water-soluble films for fabricating three-dimensional objects

093.  6,966,959
Method for vulcanizing an object formed of unvulcanized rubber and rubber product

092.  6,966,958
Precision alignment of tire building drum to automated tire building system working axis

091.  6,966,957
Bonding method for a plurality of components, bonding method for container and lid member, and ultrasonic welding apparatus

090.  6,966,945
Inorganic matrix compositions, composites and process of making the same

089.  6,966,940
Air filter cartridge

088.  6,966,939
Multi-layer filter structure and use of a multi-layer filter structure

087.  6,966,933
Prosthetic foot with an adjustable ankle and method

086.  6,966,932
Composite acetabular component

085.  6,966,931
Artificial intervertebral disc with reliable maneuverability

084.  6,966,930
Facet prosthesis

083.  6,966,929
Artificial vertebral disk replacement implant with a spacer

082.  6,966,928
Surgically implantable knee prosthesis having keels

081.  6,966,927
Hybrid intrastromal corneal ring

080.  6,966,857
Sport ball with self-contained dual action inflation mechanism

079.  6,966,851
Hat with ball marker

078.  6,966,850
Two-piece solid golf ball

077.  6,966,849
Multi-piece solid golf ball

076.  6,966,767
System for moving sheet material

075.  6,966,765
Rotating circular die

074.  6,966,764
Method and apparatus for positioning a top block assembly and neck finish components of a blow molding machine

073.  6,966,763
Arrangement for making a belt made of plasticatable material

072.  6,966,762
Device for opening and distributing a bundle of filaments when producing a nonwoven textile web

071.  6,966,691
Mixer with pivotable bowl

070.  6,966,688
Apparatus for mixing and dispensing powder

069.  6,966,649
Adaptive optic lens system and method of use

068.  6,966,647
Telecommunications enabled eyeglass

067.  6,966,646
Self-assembly glasses

066.  6,966,601
Weather strip for a vehicle door

065.  6,966,592
Resin-made floor panel structure

064.  6,966,590
Two-part seal for a slide-out room

063.  6,966,584
Padlock seal

062.  6,966,581
Apparatus for distinguishing between tubing assemblies

061.  6,966,559
Sealing bellows with lubricant reservoir at axial end and assembly/installation method

060.  6,966,558
Sealing device for rolling bearing

059.  6,966,557
Liquid reactive materials and method for using same in games and other applications

058.  6,966,484
Mailing and response envelope

057.  6,966,483
Pizza box apparatus

056.  6,966,473
Wrapping material dispenser system

055.  6,966,470
Carrying bag assembly

054.  6,966,469
Spout closure for liquid packagings

053.  6,966,467
Valve for aerosol container

052.  6,966,462
Security glove

051.  6,966,457
Spring-loaded tube squeezing device

050.  6,966,456
System for feeding portions of material to an injection molding machine

049.  6,966,452
Pharmaceutical tablet dispensing and packaging system

048.  6,966,450
Partitioned ice chest

047.  6,966,449
Bulk box

046.  6,966,446
Elongated plastic strip

045.  6,966,444
Filter with snap-fit filter bag

044.  6,966,443
Paraffin filter element

043.  6,966,439
Multipurpose universal carrying bag

042.  6,966,437
Constructive device for packaging underwear

041.  6,966,436
Absorbent mats for food packaging

040.  6,966,435
Oriented polymer hinge pins in modular plastic conveyor belts

039.  6,966,426
Method and apparatus for integrating a pallet into a conveyor system

038.  6,966,424
Bladder based package control/singulation

037.  6,966,423
Station for connecting a packaging machine, in particular blistering machine, with a feeding line, leading to a boxing machine

036.  6,966,373
Inflatable sealing assembly and method for sealing off an inside of a flow carrier

035.  6,966,322
Enhanced chronic lead removal

034.  6,966,320
Surgical covering assembly

033.  6,966,319
Anatomical mouthpiece with retaining wings system and method

032.  6,966,318
Filtering mask

031.  6,966,275
Pet bed

030.  6,966,257
Removable marking device for mold

029.  6,966,255
Lock-out for power assisted strapping tool

028.  6,966,226
Pressure measurement in microwave-assisted chemical synthesis

027.  6,966,216
Leakage detecting device for sealed packages

026.  6,966,201
High-temperature sintering of soot bodies doped using molecular stuffing

025.  6,966,167
Harness for use in harness racing

024.  6,966,166
High-speed continuous action form-fill-seal machine and methods

023.  6,966,164
Tubular banding applicator and method

022.  6,966,163
Method for banding product and apparatus therefor

021.  6,966,162
Device for wrapping a bale with a wrapping sheet and including a control unit responsive to wrapping condition sensor(s)

020.  6,966,159
Flat soffit, doubly prestressed, composite, roof-ceiling construction for large span industrial buildings

019.  6,966,153
Insulating cover

018.  6,966,131
Adjustable arch support orthosis including variably tensioned arch curve and method of utilizing orthosis

017.  6,966,130
Plate for athletic shoe

016.  6,966,129
Cushioning for athletic shoe

015.  6,966,128
Method and apparatus for improved shoe construction

014.  6,966,105
Process for reclaiming rubber-metal waste

013.  6,966,101
Handle of a glass door

012.  6,966,094
Grill cleaning brush and scraper

011.  6,966,093
Toothbrush having a movable upstanding cleaning element

010.  6,966,090
Air mattress with quilted pillow top

009.  6,966,089
Deformable infant head support

008.  6,966,078
Skimmer seal

007.  6,966,075
Adjustable helmets

006.  6,966,074
Cushion pad structure for headband

005.  6,966,072
Hat with shading cover and hood with shading cover

004.  6,966,071
Adjustable and reversible baseball cap

003.  6,966,070
Protective body vest

002.  6,966,068
Swim cap

001.  6,966,067
Boating helmet  

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 11/22/2005 Maro Patent Alerts