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There are technicians and there are technicians.  Many simply want to do as they are told and do not want to learn anything new.  This service is not for them.  Others, take a more professional tack and like to learn all they can about their job and want to expand their horizons.  There are bosses and there are bosses.  Some only want their technicians to do what they say and nothing else.  Above all they don't want them to think or do anything on their own. If you have that kind of boss he will not be enthusiastic about your using this service and you are on your own.


If you the inquisitive type and want to learn, this service can be helpful.  First of all the patents are legal documents and not scientific documents.  It may be stretching it a bit, but a patent is really written for anyone.  At first you may have trouble, but if you keep at it, I think you will fine the patents very interesting.


Start by looking for patents about your area.  They should be the easiest to read and probable the most interesting.  


Each day if you can, take a few minutes to scan the list.  Copy the links of those most interesting to a page on your computer --- hopefully one that will let you copy the links.  When you get a chance study those in detail.  


If you do this regularly, you will be surprised about what you will learn.  Sooner or later your boss will be surprised too.  Possible this could mean a rasie or promotion.  


Sign up for the Alerts and give the system a try the cost is low and the benefits may be priceless.  If you are in a company, check to be sure if the organization is a subscriber.  If so you may be eligible for the Alerts service and access without addition cost.

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